Rave Cartography Testimonial

by Krishna B

I found Amy Lee and John Cole through their podcast (The Human Design Collective Podcast). As there are more offerings of Human Design guidance out there every day, it is daunting to sift through it all and find something truly authentic. When I heard their podcast it was already leaps and bounds above the rest of the noise.

When I took LYD with them it was just a taste. I then had readings and proceeded on learning with them in their Rave ABCs and Rave Cartography courses. They held space in a way that all the best teachers and guides do. I felt they were both the guides and on the journey of the experiment themselves. I felt increasingly connected to all my classmates throughout our time together and I felt that we all understood it was because of the safe space created by Amy Lee and John Cole. They guided us gently and openly into our own awakenings to this knowledge.

When in class with them it was easily felt that they too were students of this knowledge, always intrigued and interested in what everyone’s experience was. I can’t speak highly enough about them and feel so grateful for having found them on my journey. I look forward to continuing working with them and to be able to also witness them on their journey as I know they will continue to be beacons of light for those interested in authentic Human Design guidance.

If you want to explore Human Design, Amy Lee and John Cole are passing along this information from a space of authenticity that I cherish and I couldn’t imagine anyone with a true desire to live their design and embody the experiment would feel any differently.

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