HDC Courses Testimonial

by Daisy D

The first three years of my Human Design experiment were rather messy and confusing. I did the Living Your Design course for the first time in my second year at Human Design America, but it just didn’t land. At that time, it seemed that my mind still held a solid grip on my life, which prevented me from surrendering to the knowledge and the experiment.

When I started my fourth year, I had already listened to The Human Design Collective podcast for a while. Something shifted that year, and life guided me to do the Living Your Design course with Amy and John. I was finally ready to receive the Human Design System more purely and genuinely.

I enjoyed LYD so much that I did Rave ABCs and Rave Cartography with Amy and John within a year. So much has changed for me in understanding Human Design, myself, and my relationships with others, thanks to these foundation courses and experiencing this safe and interactive space Amy and John cultivate throughout each course. Finally, Strategy and Authority started making sense to me, and I could also open myself more to the “no choice” principle. That brought a lot more depth to my experiment, enabling me to relax a lot more as a human being on this plane.

I learned so much through the conversations we had during class and through listening to the personal stories and observations shared by my fellow students and John and Amy themselves. The space feels very authentic, safe, supportive, and friendly. The guidance is gentle, honest, and open-minded. There’s always room for our uniqueness and our growing awareness.
The classes are deliciously rich. I especially love the combination of self-study elements, reflective questions, additional material to explore, live teaching, and group conversations, mixed with some humor.

I highly recommend Amy and John as teachers and guides. And the cherry on top for me is that both John and Amy are Projectors, just like me, which makes my journey with them extra relatable and supportive.

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