Foundation Courses Testimonial

by Marni C

I am so very grateful to have found my way to Amy and John’s foundation courses after listening to their podcast for several months and completing a foundation reading with Amy.

It is hard for me to describe how important Amy and John have been in the discovery of my true nature and the nature of others in my life. The environment that Amy and John create in the foundation courses is full of grace, integrity and humor. They are a living example of what it means to experiment with and live your design.

I cherish the experience of feeling fully seen and accepted as myself in whatever I was expressing during my shares in class. I learned so much from my classmates and their own intimate shares – this is because Amy and John do not rush through the material. They hold so much space for people to ask questions during each class or to simply share any daily life observations that classmates had throughout their week. Amy and John create so much room in class for growth and discovery of what we are – our own beautifully unique frequency. There are no wrong questions in class – each person in the class brings something to everyone else there and we all learn and grow together.

What Amy and John have created with Human Design Collective is beyond words for me – it’s something I feel in my body, and I am so grateful to have found you both. Thinking of you two fills my heart with love and puts a smile on my face! You are the best!

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