Professional Integrity Agreement

The following agreements are taken from the IHDS Professional Integrity Agreement which must be signed for professional status from the International Human Design School:

  1. I agree to represent with professionalism and integrity the Human Design System.
  2. I agree to maintain my educational standard by annually participating in official Continuing Education, which includes official courses, workshops, self-study, recordings and books.
  3. I agree to offer only services that I am qualified and certified to offer, at the pricing and educational standards set forth on the IHDS website. 
  4. I agree in my professional work as an analyst or teacher to use, offer or recommend Human Design System materials and products from official organizations. I agree that I do not have permission to create and monetize Human Design materials and products (derivates) without the authorization of Jovian Archive.
  5. I acknowledge that I will not represent myself as an official “school or academy”, but rather as an independent IHDS Certified Human Design professional.
  6. I agree that in representing my Human Design services to the public that that is what my clients will receive. As such I agree that if I have other services I wish to offer that they be offered clearly apart from Human Design.
  7. IHDS recognizes everyone’s right to follow their strategy and authority but it is now our official policy and that of licensed organizations in Human Design that only professionals who can agree to the above will be officially recognized and promoted by a listing on the IHDS website (
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