Rave Cartography Testimonial for John & Amy

by Melisa M

John and Amy create and nurture a space for learning that supports each student’s individuality, curiosity, and experiment.

It feels incredibly rewarding to be in the presence of and to learn Human Design from John and Amy. They teach you that each interaction with someone is an opportunity to see and learn the mechanics of this system. The more you see, the more you appreciate how both of them have put in the time and effort to live as themselves. They are both also clearly incredible students. The depth at which they have learned about, experimented with, and integrated the knowledge of the system is apparent. Their authenticity, the research behind their knowledge, and loyalty to the source make them trustworthy interpreters of the rich complexity of the Human Design system.

You will feel Amy’s BodyGraph, and perhaps her experience in therapeutic settings, shine through in her role as your teacher: she hears you deeply, meets you where you are, and offers precise, intuitive insights that guide your learning and experimentation in profound ways that continue to reveal themselves over time. Amy is an artist in the way she conveys information: she exquisitely balances being passionate and grounded, profound and funny, poetic and simple. I often found myself re-watching class videos to write down something Amy said verbatim as most of her sentences are beautiful quotes you would want to put somewhere and look at every day. If you resonate with her frequency, her choice of words, tone of voice, and visual conceptualizations will help you remember and process the vast information you are taking in.

She has an incredible partner in John: when he responds to your sharing, you feel encouraged, seen, and cared for. He brings a level of ‘on top of thingsness’ that puts you at ease. In the way John contributes to class, you can feel volumes of acceptance, hope, love, and dedication as he shares information, experiences, and anecdotes. For anyone who is also interested in astrology, it makes a difference to have John there, as he is able to bring in his expertise from astrology or answer any more advanced questions.

It is beautiful to witness the way the two work together – they generate energy to create and support the tribe in a magical way that continues to empower the individual, can astutely play with details while remaining centered in the big picture, and contribute to their joint endeavor in the best way each of them is designed to. In many ways and throughout the course, Amy and John demonstrate their sense of responsibility and dedication to being selected by you as teachers. Everything from the way the course is structured to be taught, to the visuals that accompany material carry the intention of providing clear instruction as they initiate you into new depths of the system. In addition to their incredible classes, they provide ample resources that enrich your learning, through their site, upon request, or on their podcast to express themselves and support you.

If you are looking for teachers that:
are trustworthy authorities of the system in their own right,
are available in and out of class for your questions on the material or your experiment,
adapt their teaching to the level and needs of their students,
bring a beautiful sense of belonging to your journey of learning,
and vigilantly ensure that you remain the authority of your experiment,
you are at the right place.

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