Human Design Education
& Transformational Workshops

Human Design Education
& Transformational Workshops

Human Design Education

The following three courses are considered the foundational education in the Human Design System. While they are required for further professional training at IHDS, these courses contain knowledge that can be beneficial for all of those interested in experimenting with the power and depth of the Human Design System. Our perspective is that they should be part of the general educational process of 9-Centered beings.

Living Your Design

The 1st Foundation Course introduces Centers, Type, Strategy, and Authority

8 hours of video presentations and four live workshops with Amy Lee & John Cole on November 29th through December 20th, 2023

Rave ABCs

The 2nd Foundation Course explores Black & Red, Circuitry & the Hexagram structure

9-week live online course with video presentations on Fridays from January 12, 2024 through March 8, 2024

Rave Cartography

The 3rd Foundation Course focused on Profile, the 64 Hexagrams, Definition & Authority

12-week live online course with video presentations on Tuesdays from November 14, 2023 through February 13, 2024

Living Your Design Guide

The Living Your Design Guide program prepares guides to be grounded enough in their own awareness and experience of the essential mechanics of the Human Design System to introduce newcomers to the knowledge with substance

10-Week Professional Training Program March 18 through June 28, 2024

What does it mean to live as ourselves?

Each life is imprinted with a unique frequency and purpose which naturally emerges when we find and follow the innate intelligence of our bodies. Yet most of us have lived with many years of conditioning and influence that have obscured and confused this simple possibility. To live as ourselves is to let go of what we thought we could or should be and to know and love what we are.

Transformational Workshops

Mid-Life & Life Story Workshop

Uranus Opposition, Kiron Return & Nodal Shift

Live online workshop on September 24th, 2023 with Amy Lee and John Cole exploring the mid-life process through the lens of the Life Story focused on the Uranus Opposition, Kiron Return, and Nodes along with the opportunity to share and hear from personal experience.

The Mental Projector Experiment

A Lecture for Mental Projectors

This is a 2-hour presentation given by Amy Lee in a live workshop. Amy explores the unique design and authority of Mental Projectors as well as their role in relationships and other signposts for living an aligned life.


Timing, Truth, and the Mutation of Bonding

This is a 75-minute presentation given by Amy Lee exploring our individual nature through a unique take on definition and openness, self-love and self-hate, and how the deconditioning process and major cycle transits affect our tolerance in relationships.

Ra Uru Hu

Ra Uru Hu, Messenger of the Human Design System

IHDS Foundation Courses

General education in Human Design and the required courses for all further study in Human Design certified through the International Human Design School (IHDS)

Transformational Workshops

Exploring specific aspects of design to support self-mastery and empower your unique awareness

Interactive Guidance

Facilitated by experienced guides who are focused and interactive in empowering you to make the knowledge practical and transformational

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