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Living Your Design

Self-Paced Interactive Workshop

Living Your Design Course

Welcome to the Living Your Design workshop and to Human Design as a map of awakening. 

You will find the course lessons below, each with a set of topics presentations (from 5-50 minutes each) so that you can reference specific topics easily. Please follow them in order and feel free to go at your own pace.

Some lessons and topics include an additional materials tab with videos, graphics, and articles you can explore if you would like.

Many of the workshop lessons contain Reflection Questions at the end of the topics. These are a series of questions designed to stimulate observation of your own experience. You can write as little or as much as you wish like a journaling process. They are optional but answers must be submitted in order to progress through the course. Feel free to fill in your answers or write “NA” if you prefer not to answer them. All submitted answers are confidential.

We review this material during the live workshop, so please note any questions that may come up in the process of watching the video presentations and we will have a chance to discuss when we meet.

This course provides the fundamental information that serves as the foundation for all education in Human Design and is required for any further professional study.

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