The Life Story – Maturation of the Cross through Major Cycles


A talk given by Amy Lee on “The Life Story – Maturation of the Cross through Major Cycles” at the High Desert Human Design Conference in Santa Fe, August 4-8, 2021. After purchase, you will receive a link to download an mp3 recording of the audio presentation.

Format: MP3 Audio
Duration: 63 minutes
Cost: $15

This talk on The Life Story explores the personal mythology we each have the potential to live out through the Incarnation Cross and the Major Cycle Transits. When viewed as a thematic description of the expression of purpose over the course of our lives, the Life Story describes the themes, patterns, and potential people we may encounter on our unique path. It reminds us that while each life has a predestined trajectory, how we meet that trajectory is up to us.

The recording includes an audio lecture on the general meaning of the Incarnation Cross, Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, and the Chiron Return.

Facilitated by Amy Lee, a 5/1 Mental Projector on the Cross of the Clarion who has been exploring Human Design knowledge for 15 years. She is currently entering her Chiron Return.

The talk was shared in a live group meeting in Santa Fe in 2021.

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