Relationships – Timing, Truth, and the Mutation of Bonding


This is a 75 min presentation given by Amy Lee and taken from a live workshop. In it, she explores our individual nature through a unique take on definition and openness, self-love and self-hate, and how the deconditioning process and major cycle transits affect our tolerance in relationships.

After purchase, you will receive a link to download the video presentation and a PDF of the slides.

Cost: $30

How do we navigate this unique time in history when the ways we relate are rapidly changing? What do these changes mean for us personally and collectively? Whether we are looking at the current global crises or the way cultural norms are shifting, we are each required to consider what will work for us as individuals and as part of our families, communities, and institutions.

If we are not willing to see the underlying mechanics of relationships in the context of personal and global timing, we may miss the opportunity for truly fulfilling connections.

We explore:

  • Global cycle change of 2027
  • Definition and Openness in relationship
  • Self-Love and Self-Hate
  • How deconditioning affects relationships
  • The effect of expectations
  • Timestamps on relationships and the effect of major cycles
  • Guidance on loving each Type
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