Living Your Design Guide Training (Audit)


10 Week Professional Training Program

July 10 through Sept 12, 2023
Mondays & Tuesdays
11am Pacific/1pm Central/2pm Eastern (18:00 UTC)


$900 Audit Rate

The Living Your Design Guide program prepares guides to be grounded enough in their own awareness and experience of the essential mechanics of the Human Design System to introduce newcomers to the knowledge with substance.

Instructors: Amy Lee & John Cole
Schedule: 20 live meetings on Zoom every Monday and Tuesday for 10 weeks. Total course time is estimated at 35-40 hours
Format: 10 classes and 10 practicums where students workshop material. Each class is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in length.
Pre-requisites: Foundation Reading and completion of Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, and Rave Cartography with an IHDS Certified instructor
Required Materials: Living Your Design Student Manual, Living Your Design Instructor Manual

Content Components

  1. Theory & Methodology – Filling in gaps in knowledge and discussing how to deliver workshop material
  2. Preparation & Practice – Topical homework in the form of audio/video recordings and/or written reflections according to one’s design
  3. Observation of LYD – Audit IHDS Certified LYD course and provide written observations

Over the course of 10 weeks, we explore

  • How to approach offering LYD based on your design
  • The essential concepts necessary for guiding awareness through the Human Design lens including Experimentation, True Self & Not-Self, Definition & Openness, Passenger Consciousness, Mechanical Absolutes, Homogenization & Deconditioning, The 9 Centers, the 4 Types, Strategy & Authority
  • Expanding our depth at the surface levels of the knowledge
  • How to understand the BodyGraph Mechanics at the level of the Centers
  • Mental interference with perception & recognizing resistance
  • How to work at the surface of design without overgeneralizing or getting lost in more detail
  • Supporting others in recognizing mechanics rather than performing to the map
  • The light and the shadow of the Types
  • Logistics of offering the course material to others
  • Presentation styles based on mechanics
  • How to develop your own materials, slide decks, and format
  • Styles for managing class dynamics

The training also includes pre-recorded samples of LYD topic presentations from live classes, access to all pre-recorded Human Design Collective LYD course material, and PDF slides of our LYD course.

This is an interactive course where students are expected to participate in the training in accordance with their own design through personal sharing of questions and reflections, writing, live workshop of concepts, pre-recorded audio or video clips and/or creating original slides. You are welcome to participate to the extent that you are able and it is correct for you.

Tuesday meetings will usually focus on lecture, Q&A, and discussion. Monday meetings will be practicum focused where participants workshop their own material.

Participants have the opportunity to learn from each other’s mechanics and awareness and to develop a differentiated style for offering LYD while respecting the essentials of the knowledge.

Upon completion, you will receive International Human Design School (IHDS) certification to host and teach the Living Your Design workshop and a professional listing on the IHDS website upon meeting the following conditions:

  • Real-time auditing and observation of a Living Your Design with IHDS certified guides. This should be done after the completion of the Human Design Collective Living Your Design Guide program with different teachers than Amy and John.
  • Completing and signing the IHDS Professional Standards agreement. This agreement will be provided by the Human Design Collective on behalf of IHDS at the end of the program.
  • Payment of the Living Your Design Guide certification fee to IHDS. This fee is included in the price of LYD Guide Program and will be paid on your behalf by the Human Design Collective at the time of certification.

If you are interested in enrolling in this program and have any questions, please reach out to Amy and John here.

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