Living Your Design (Audit)


Live Workshop and Video Presentations

with Amy Lee and John Cole
September 3rd & 17th, 2022
Saturdays, 1:00-5:00 pm EDT (18:00 GMT)

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Sale $175

What if there was a way to understand the underlying patterns and energies that affect how we feel, what we think, what we enjoy, and who we are attracted to?

Join us at the Human Design Collective for the “Living Your Design” workshop, an experiential dive into Human Design as a map of awakening. We will guide you through a personal exploration of the BodyGraph and your unique nature, revealing how you can live your life with greater awareness, less resistance, and a deeper sense of purpose.

You will learn about all of the Types, Authorities, and Centers so that you can understand the basic level of any BodyGraph. We take a personal look at what it means to live according to Strategy and Authority and discover the difference between our true nature and our conditioning. This is a process of growing recognition and transformation that can radically alter our view of life and our place in it.

Led by IHDS Certified Guides and Human Design Analysts Amy Lee and John Cole.

Workshop Format

We are excited to offer the Living Your Design workshop in a 2-day intensive online format allowing you to immerse yourself in the material over the course of two Saturdays. In preparation for each Saturday, students will watch the pre-recorded lectures. Live instruction includes a review of the material with commentary from two experienced Projector Analysts and Teachers and interactive discussion and Q&A with reference to participants’ charts.

The Workshop Includes

  • 10 hours of class live online
  • 8.5 hours of online video presentations available 24/7 provided to you at course sign up
  • Live class recordings and PDFs of class slides
  • Interactive discussion of participants’ charts for personalized instruction
  • Online community for Q&A and ongoing support and connection

If you have been looking for the right time and context to explore your design further and this is it, we hope you’ll join us. We look forward to taking this journey with you.

Once you have signed up and purchased the course, you will have immediate access to the video presentations. We will then meet live at the scheduled dates and times to review the material together and answer any questions you might have.

In Ra’s Words

Read more about Human Design and the Living Your Design workshop in Ra’s own words.


The Human Design Foundation Reading is a great way to start your journey and exploration with Human Design. It is highly recommended to have your reading prior to beginning the LYD course. Please message Amy and John for more information if needed.

There is an optional Living Your Design Manual for the workshop available from Human Design America. It can be a helpful resource for those who like having the course material in a physical format.


If you have any questions about the Living Your Design workshop or the Human Design Collective, please send us a message.


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