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We are living in a time of great transition. Many of us are in need of new ways to find stability and a sense of inner authority as we navigate the unknown. The Human Design Collective was created to empower individuals in this process and to provide an online sanctuary for learning and connecting with others.

If you are experimenting for your own growth, seeking a better understanding of those around you, looking for guidance in more advanced levels of the information, interested in finding allies who are on a path of waking up to a life beyond conditioning, or all of the above and more, you’ve come to the right place.
Our courses and workshops are thorough, practical and experiential.

We invite you to take a look and discover what living your design could mean to you.

Your Guides

Amy Lee

Analyst & Guide
5/1 Mental Projector
LAX Clarion
(More about Amy)

John Cole

Analyst & Guide
2/4 Ego Projector
RAX Unexpected
(More about John)

We are natural guides, each bringing a depth of experience and knowledge based on years of working with many systems in the fields of astrology, psychology, metaphysics, and health in addition to Human Design. In our courses, you can benefit from having access to multiple perspectives and an interactive environment where our goal is for you to get to experience your own truth.

Although Human Design is the most comprehensive and transformative system we have found, our focus is not on the system but on you. Our aim is to empower and support the life that is most fulfilling for you.

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The Human Design Collective is an inspirational, collaborative online sanctuary for those exploring and researching this system, seeking allies and empowerment in a rapidly changing world.

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