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Human Design foundation courses and transformational workshops

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Online recorded presentations that you can explore at your own pace

Interactive Live Meetings

Ongoing live meetings and interactions in real-time for questions and guidance

Personalized Reflection

Opportunities for personal reflection & guidance about your design

Living Your Design

A self-paced and interactive deep dive into living according to your unique nature

Living Your Design Course

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What does it mean to live as ourselves?

Each life is imprinted with a unique frequency and purpose which naturally emerges when we find and follow the innate intelligence of our bodies. Yet most of us have lived with many years of conditioning and influence that have obscured and confused this simple possibility. To live as ourselves is to let go of what we thought we could or should be and to know and love what we are.

Ra Uru Hu
Ra Uru Hu, Messenger of the Human Design System

IHDS Foundation Courses

The basic courses for all further study in Human Design certified through the International Human Design School

Transformational Workshops

Exploring specific aspects of design to support self-mastery and empower your unique awareness

Interactive Guidance

Facilitated by experienced guides who are focused and interactive in empowering you to make the knowledge practical and transformational

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The Human Design Collective is an inspirational, collaborative online sanctuary for those exploring and researching this system, seeking allies and empowerment in a rapidly changing world.

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